"Official ABLE visit to meet with the Acting High Commissioner Mr. Adah Simon Ogah and Ministers and delegates of the Nigerian High Commission."

About A.B.L.E

In 2004 a group of likeminded British-Nigerian Law Enforcement officers felt the need to reverse the negative perception towards Nigeria and Nigerians in the UK. One of the goals was to promote contributions Nigerians Were making within their various agencies.

Despite the current challenges being faced by Nigeria, we believe that if we pull our resources together, this can be tackled. We must continue to believe in ourselves and be ready to give Nigeria our best. Majority of Nigerians are sincere and hardworking citizens wherever they find themselves. It is important to celebrate and appreciate ourselves and continue to portray ourselves as such.

Our Mission:

  • To promote the positive image of Nigeria and Nigerians in the UK through community engagement and collaboration with various UK & Nigerian law enforcement agencies, and support members career development.

Our Objectives Include:

  • Promoting and celebrating British-Nigerian Law Enforcement Officers (and other British-Nigerians in the UK) who have demonstrated excellence in their chosen careers.
  • Acting as facilitators between British and Nigerian law enforcement agencies to share professional best practice.
  • Facilitating engagement between Law Enforcement agencies and the youth to act as positive role models, mentor/create and raise awareness of career opportunities in the Law Enforcement agencies.
  • Facilitating relationships between British and Nigerian law enforcement agencies, sharing best practice and information using appropriate gateways.
  • Working towards enhancing the image and professionalism of Law Enforcement in general, promoting and encouraging professional growth among our members.
  • Engaging with other community organisations, civic leaders.